Vaccination FAQ

Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital is proud to provide a full range of vet services for your family pets. Our veterinarians recommend vaccinations for the health and wellbeing of all pets. Here are a few of the common questions we get…

What are Vaccines?

Pet vaccines are health products that are used to trigger a protective immune response that helps to prepare your pets to fight future infections and other disease-causing agents. They help to lessen the severity of future diseases and in some cases, can prevent infections altogether.

Is it Important to Vaccinate My Pets?

Yes! Your family pets should be vaccinated to protect them from a wide variety of highly contagious and potentially deadly diseases. Due to the widespread use of vaccines over the past several decades, we have helped to prevent disease and death for millions of animals. However, there are still very serious health risks out there that could harm your cats and dogs, so vaccination is recommended.

Which Vaccines Do My Pets Need?

Our experienced veterinary team will work closely with your pet to determine which vaccinations are necessary. We take into consideration their lifestyle, age, and other characteristics when recommending a vaccination schedule. Typically, “core vaccines” are recommended for most family pets to protect against common diseases and viruses.

How Often Does My Pet Need Vaccinations?

While vets traditionally vaccinated their patients annually, new information has shown that some vaccines can last less than a full calendar year. With this new information available, we feel that it is important to customize vaccination plans to fit the individual needs of each animal.

Are Vaccinations Safe?

Vaccines have helped to protect millions of pets across the globe from illness and death since they were introduced. However, just as with any veterinary treatment, there may be some minor risks involved. While serious adverse responses are rare, pets may experience swelling at the injection site, drowsiness, and other minor responses. Luckily, with many years of experience, our veterinarian has the skills necessary to minimize these risks and limit adverse responses.

What Can I Expect After My Pet is Vaccinated?

While every pet is different, it is possible that your pet may experience a few mild side effects after vaccination. Your pet may seem sleepy or less affectionate for several hours after receiving their vaccines. However, if you notice any persistent signs of vomiting or diarrhea, difficulty breathing or swelling around the face and muzzle, you should contact our pet emergency services immediately.