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Pet Tumor Surgery by Your Trusted Veterinarian in Sarasota and Parrish

Veterinarian with dog who just went through Pet Tumor Surgery

Dogs and cats can develop masses, or tumors, that require removal by a skilled vet in Sarasota and Parrish. Although the development of masses is most common at an advanced age, pet owners must watch for this problem through the years. The reason being, all tumorous growths require immediate attention from a skilled veterinary professional to identify the cause and allow you to discuss all treatment options. When you bring your dog or cat to our Sarasota and Parrish veterinary clinic, you can trust that we will provide all of the best treatment options, including pet tumor surgery, to keep your pet in great health.

Masses Requiring Surgical Intervention

Your veterinarian sees many different types of masses affecting dogs and cats of all ages. The most common types of pet tumors requiring removal include:

  • Lipomas
  • Histiocytoma
  • Papilloma
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Osteosarcoma

When you bring your dog or cat into the clinic, your veterinarian will utilize key diagnostic processes to identify the cause of the mass. If the mass has a chance of spontaneously regressing on its own, the vet may utilize a watch and wait approach. In most cases, however, the pet tumor removal surgery will be needed to eliminate the mass and give your pet the best chance at making a full recovery.

What to Expect During Pet Tumor Surgery

Your vet will help make the pet tumor surgery go smoothly by explaining everything to you upfront. You will likely need to follow pre-operative instructions to help ready your pet’s system for the procedure. Your vet will let you know if and when you need withhold food or perform other preparatory actions.

An uncomplicated pet tumor surgery may be performed on an outpatient basis if your pet tolerates the anesthesia and procedure. Otherwise, you will need to leave your pet overnight for observation by the veterinary team. You will receive regular updates from the team while you wait for your dog or cat to exit the operating room and wake up in recovery.

Post-Operative Care Tips

The post-operative care process will initially revolve around pain management for your pet. You will receive instructions to follow throughout the recovery period when you arrive to pick up your pet. Your vet will focus on sending in a biopsy of the mass for evaluation by a skilled pathologist. The findings will indicate whether the mass is benign or malignant and if your pet requires additional care to make a full recovery.  

Schedule an Appointment With Your Parrish Dog and Cat Surgeon

If you are ready to schedule an appointment with your dog or cat’s Parrish veterinarian and surgeon, give our team a call at (941) 366-1222. At Dr. Nina’s Animal Hospital, your pet will always receive our full support through the pet tumor removal procedure and beyond. We utilize the leading vet care practices and tools to help pets of all kinds recover quickly from illnesses and injuries. Contact us today to receive the best care for your pet.