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Surgical Services from Our Sarasota VeterinarianOur Sarasota veterinarian Dr. Nina offers animal surgery services such as orthopedic surgery, tumor removal, emergency, spay neuter & neurological

While we provide a variety of conservative care techniques here at Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital, sometimes surgery is clearly the best way to handle a particular health concern. Fortunately, your beloved friend couldn't be in better hands. Our veterinarian, Dr. Nina, offers animal surgery services such as:

  • General Surgery - We can perform all kinds of veterinary soft tissue surgery for acute or chronic conditions. Whether your pet will obviously need a C-section to ensure a healthy delivery or a dental problem requires surgical intervention, we can help your pet enjoy a happier, healthier, more problem-free life.

  • Tumor Removal Surgery - Malignant cancers can put your pet's life at stake, while even benign tumors can cause pain and interfere with normal physical function. We can remove internal or external tumors and biopsy them to see whether additional treatment is necessary.

  • Emergency Surgery - When emergencies strike, our Sarasota veterinarian is ready to provide immediate surgical assistance. We can un-twist a stomach twisted by GDV (bloat), remove a foreign object that your pet may be choking on or remove a dangerous urinary system blockage. We can also seal lacerations and address fractures with a cast and splints.

  • Spay / Neuter Surgery - Spay neuter surgery may be a routine procedure, but it's more important than you might think. Removal of the male or female reproductive organs prevents unwanted pregnancies, but it also prevents reproductive cancers from threatening your pet's life. We will be happy to schedule spay neuter surgery as part of your pet's preventative wellness care.

Pet Surgery Is No Problem at Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital

We understand that owners are nervous about submitting your pet for any kind of surgery, but at Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital we make our patients' safety and comfort a top priority. We administer carefully-measured amounts of anesthesia and monitor an animal's vital signs constantly throughout the procedure. We will also advise you on smart practices to help your pet through the entire journey, from preparing your pet for surgery to bringing him in for a follow-up exam once healing has begun. If surgery is the right treatment option for your pet's situation, then you're making the right choice by coming to our veterinary clinic. Call (941) 366-1222 to schedule non-urgent pet surgery, or simply bring your pet in during our regular office hours for emergency surgical care!