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Microchipping From Our Sarasota and Parrish Veterinarian

If you have ever had nightmares about the prospect of your dog or cat suddenly disappearing on you, or if you have actually had a pet go missing, you understand what agony this scenario can cause for pet owners. Even if you are scrupulous about attaching an up-to-date ID tag on your pet's collar, things can and do go wrong, especially in chaotic situations such as natural disasters. But you will have a lot less reason to worry once you have scheduled dog or cat microchipping from our veterinarian in Sarasota, Dr. Janina Krajewski.

Pet Microchipping

The Idea Behind Microchipping

Microchipping provides a permanent form of identification by installing that identification beneath your pet's skin in the form of a tiny microchip transceiver. This device contains a unique ID number for your pet -- a number that has also been logged with a national pet registry service. A microchip is so simple and tiny that it does not even carry its own power source. But when an animal worker finds your pet and scans him with a RFID scanning device, the chip automatically relays its ID number to the scanner. This enables the worker to look up your contact information and help you reunite with your pet.

Microchipping Is Easy, Quick and Affordable

Some owners might think that microchipping is some kind of elaborate, expensive surgery, but nothing could be further from the truth. A microchip is not much larger than a grain of rice, so our veterinarian in Sarasota can simply inject it into an area commonly checked by animal workers (usually between the shoulder blades). You can arrange to this procedure done on its own, or we can do it alongside vaccinations or other routine wellness procedures. The simplicity and minimally-invasive nature of microchipping also make it quite affordable, so there really are no obstacles to having it done.

But as convenient and effective as microchipping is, do not assume that you can forget about your pet's collar tag. Remember that the most people on the street who encounter a missing dog or cat will still need to rely on the collar ID's contact information. But the microchip does serve as an essential form of backup ID in case that collar tag comes off and your pet ends up in a shelter.

Schedule an Appointment with our Sarasota and Parrish Veterinarian Today

Give your pet the best possible chance to return to you safe and sound when circumstances separate the two of you. Call Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital at (941) 366-1222 today to schedule dog or microchipping with our Sarasota vet. It could turn out to be one of the most important things you ever do for your furry family member!