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Heartworm Treatment From Our Sarasota and Parrish Veterinarian

When you visit a vet to protect your pet from common ailments, you may discover that he or she has a parasite. Worms and parasites infest your pet's body and cause harm to their health, so you want to take measures to remove the pests and keep your pet healthy.

Pet Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm and Other Parasites in Dogs and Cats

Heartworm is a parasite that infests dogs and cats. The parasite gets into your pet's system through mosquito bites and it may cause fatal harm to a dog. Cats may also carry the parasitic worms, but the impact on their heart may not be the same as a dog. 

When the parasites mature to adulthood, they may cause damage to your dog's lungs, heart and other internal organs. A dog is an ideal host for the parasite because the parasite matures in your pet's body and is able to produce offspring. Cats do not have the same level of infestation because the parasites do not reach adulthood; however, the worms may cause respiratory problems in cats and other health concerns.

Other parasites may also infest your dogs or cats. You must be aware of the parasitic worms and other pests that may infest your pet since they cause harm to digestive health, internal organs and other areas of your pet's body.

Reasons to Test a Dog or Cat for Heartworm

You want to test a dog or cat for heartworm on a regular basis because the infestation may cause physical harm to your pet's health. Dr. Nina offers services for your pets at two locations: Parish, Florida and Sarasota, Florida. You can seek treatment from our clinics when you want to prevent the worms from harming your pet's health or you have concerns about your pet's behavior.

Since heartworms are potentially fatal to your pet, you do not want to wait for treatment if you suspect the worms may infest your pet. They also travel easily through mosquito bites, which means your pet may face an infestation of parasites at any time. By being aware of the risks and testing for the parasite, you prevent your pet from facing complications with their health.

When to Seek a Veterinarian in Sarasota and Parrish for Heartworm Prevention

You want to seek a veterinarian in Sarasota or Parish, Florida when you have concerns about heartworm or for regular check-ups. A pet may face an infestation of the parasite at any time, so regular visits with a vet help limit the risks to your pet's health. We also recommend a visit when you notice odd behavior or signs of pain in your pet.

Heartworm prevention plays a key role in keeping your pet healthy by limiting the risks to his or her well-being. Generally, we provide medications to eliminate the pests from your pet's system. We also provide preventative care to avoid an infestation with the parasite.

Heartworms and other parasites harm your pet's health and require treatment to eliminate the pests. At our clinics, we offer the care your pet needs to prevent heartworms and encourage healing from the damage caused by a parasite. To learn more about keeping your pets safe or to set up an appointment in our clinics to check for heartworm or other parasites, call (941) 366-1222 today.