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Pet Boarding In Sarasota, FL

Leaving Sarasota and need a safe and loving place for your pets to stay? Pet owners generally want to have their pets with them as much as possible, however, it is not always possible to take them with us on every trip. If we do leave them behind, it is important to assure that they are safe and well cared for while we are gone.

Pet owners in Sarasota bring their pets to Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital in Sarasota when they need to board their cat, dog, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig or parrot. 

Full-Service Pet Boarding in Sarasota

For many pets being boarded is a scary experience, and it is important that it be made as comfortable as possible, and that someone is keeping watch in order to limit the possibility of any unexpected surprises. 

Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital has two different locations in Sarasota and Parrish but only our Sarasota location provides pet boarding. Animals kept in our boarding facilities are kept in a spacious area and can be kept on any medication schedule they need as they are monitored by dedicated staff. Pets are treated for fleas and ticks (if needed). Food is provided, but many pet owners prefer to bring their own in order to keep things familiar.

Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital in Sarasota provides pet boarding to dogs, cats, parrots and some pocket pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. 

Preparing Your Pet for Boarding

If you do need to board your pet, the element of surprise isn't necessarily a good thing. It is best to prepare your pet and yourself ahead of time if you can.

One of the first things you need to make sure of is that your pet is current on all required vaccinations. The main three that are needed if a pet is being boarded include, rabies, distemper, and Bordetella. While rabies and distemper vaccines are often automatic, getting a Bordetella vaccine isn't always, but it is important for dogs who spend time with other dogs. It protects against kennel cough, which is highly contagious.

They should also be current on their treatment for flea and tick protection. Even though both of our facilities are treated for these pets, it never hurts to make sure your pet is taken care of in this regard.

Pack their own individual portions of food. While we have food for your dog or cat, it is usually better for your pet to stick with their regular diet.  A sudden change in diet can cause some dogs to get colitis or an upset stomach.

Schedule a Boarding Stay at Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital in Sarasota

Reserve your spot in advance. While sometimes the need to leave Sarasota and to board your pet may come last minute, if you have advanced notice of your trip be sure to schedule your pets stay at the boarder in plenty of time so you can double check that your dog and or cat has everything they need before you go. You can also prepare important information such as emergency contact info for an extra feeling of security.

Boarding a pet can be hard for some pet owners too, but knowing that your pet is being looked after by dedicated staff in a spacious facility of a veterinary practice can bring a great deal of peace of mind about your pet's experience. If any injury or illness does occur while you are gone, a veterinarian is already there to help. To set up your boarding schedule or to visit one of our facilities contact us at (941) 366-1222.