Pick-up and Delivery

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 MapDr. Nina’s Animal Hospital is unique in many ways but one of the services that no other veterinarian offers locally is our pick-up and delivery service. While most of our clients like to come in to our office and personally be part of the examination on staff conducts on their pet, some clients simply cannot do that. Whether it be due to medical problems, transportation issues or simply a scheduling conflict, sometimes it is not an option of our clients to make it to our hospital but they do recognize the need for medical care of their pet. Simply call our clinic and schedule a pick-up from your home or work. Dr. Nina’s Animal Hospital staff will be prompt and on-time and will address all concerns to be taken up with the doctor. Once the procedures are complete, we will schedule a time for returning your pet back to you. Many of the services qualify for FREE home or work pick-up, please consult our staff for charges and policy.