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Posted on 08-14-2018

Heat Stroke in Dogs & Cats: Prevent Your Pet from Overheating

The summer season is here, which means that pet owners will need to prepare for the heat. Heat stress can pose a serious health hazard for our cats and dogs. Unlike humans, these animals don't have an efficient perspiration system to get rid of body heat. That is why we'll often find our pets panting during the warmest portions of the day. 

Overheating for a pet can lead to a higher risk of injury or illness. In order to keep our pets safe and healthy, we can learn pet tips to prevent heat stroke and similar problems.

dog walking around in a field of grass in the summer

Keep your pet indoors during the heat of the day

The best way to avoid heat stroke is to get your cat or dog away from the heat. Summer days are usually the hottest around noon. If you would like your pet to spend time outside, make sure that it happens near dusk or dawn, when the day is coolest. 

Create areas to cool down

Your pet doesn't have to be vulnerable to the outside heat. Pet owners can create shaded areas in the backyard. An awning or a planted tree would get the job done. Pet owners can also set up a small pool full of cold water. 

Use water for cool down periods

Aside from using a kiddie pool, pet owners can make use of water in other ways. Keep your pet dehydrated throughout the day; feed him or her ice cubes. If your pet isn't afraid of the backyard house, spray him or her with some cold water. 

Be able to recognize the signs

When a pet isn't able to regulate his or her temperature, he or she will display certain indicative of a heat stroke. Symptoms to look out for include excessive panting, weakness, salivation, collapsing, vomiting, and diarrhea. If your cat or dog shows any of the mentioned symptoms during a hot day, then action needs to be taken to ensure safety.

Have a plan ready in case of a stroke

Know which animal hospitals are available in the local area. Find out the name, address, and phone number of your preferred veterinarian clinic. Be sure that it provides heat stroke care for pets.

Visits Our Sarasota Animal Hospital Today

Dr. Nina’s Animal Hospital is offering animal care to the pets of Sarasota, Florida. If you're a Sarasota resident whose pet is suffering from a heat stroke, contact us immediately at (941) 366-1222. Our veterinarian is trained to treat heat stressed animals with diligence.  We can take care of your loved one in no time at all. 

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